MIDLAND, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- For Firefighters across the Nation fire prevention week is a time to connect with their community and give tips on how to stay safe.

“Smoke detectors are what’s going to protect you at your home in the event of a fire and what we found through some NFPA research is that 6 out of 10 fatalities in a home don’t have working smoke detectors,” says Fire Marshal James Howard; adding that the best part. is working with the kids.

“The job interacting with the kids they are very energetic and they’re ready to learn. We have a really good time, this time of year we are in the schools quite a bit teaching fire safety of all sorts so it’s really kinda a fun part of our day to get out and interact with the kids.”

For Midland Fire Department awareness comes in the form of art with their fire prevention poster contest, and, it starts at a young age.

“The contest has actually been done for over 50 years. They have a lot of fun with it they learn a lot from it but then they get some reward out of it as well. We’re talking about fire prevention at a young age to teach those kids what they need to do in the event that they do have an emergency at home,” says Howard.

This year’s national fire prevention week theme: Not all hero’s wear capes.

Howard emphasizing that “you yourself at any age can be a hero in an emergency event.”

“With the younger kids we talk about things like ‘stop, drop and roll, don’t play with matches and lighters because kids are by nature curious and if we can teach them the consequences of doing some things like that or what to do if they have an emergency then we naturally make them safer adults.”