MIDLAND, Tx (Nexstar) – The Rodriguez family were expecting a safe trip to Midland when the unexpected happened.

Monica Salgado says she was driving her family back from their trip on Wednesday afternoon when an 18-wheeler ran them off the road just outside of Tahoka.

“I blacked out and i woke up to them screaming him in the back with the kids,” Salgado said.

The Salgado’s Infinity SUV was heavily damaged after rolling over multiple times. Roland Rodriguez says he’s thankful that his wife and kids were able to walk away from the accident and says it could have been much worse.

“Its scary you know God was with us I’m glad we walked out alive,” Rodriguez said.

The family left the accident with a couple bruises—but their nine-year-old child Junior was rushed to the hospital because of his severe injures.

“My son had a compression fracture in his back, he had internal bleeding from the seatbelt on his waist ,” Rodriguez said. The L-1 is fractured and then L-2 hemorrhaging.

And with the expenses of their childs’ possible surgery and their main source of transportation damaged and housing they have set up a GoFundMe page.

“We’re trying to use the money for my son just in case, because they said if he don’t take care he’s wearing a back brace against where for eight weeks. And then we have to go back in two weeks to do more x-rays,” Rodriguez said. “If he’s going to need surgery they’re going to need money up front because if [he] don’t take care of himself, he can lose his feeling in his legs and not walk again.

After reflecting back on the accident, to now looking at their scars, and their son wearing a back brace now, their one piece of advice to families travelling,
is seatbelt safety.

“Wear you seatbelts, seatbelts might hurt you like they did in my son but what if he was not [strapped in one]? What could have been the outcome of that,” Rodriguez said.

“You’ll get scratches from seatbelts but it’s nothing like if you lost your life,” Salgado said.

In addition to the GoFundMe page, the family will be having a car wash, BBQ fundraiser to help receive more funds from their accident. This will happen on Saturday from 10 to 3 at Unlimited carpets in Midland.