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MIDLAND, TX (Big 2/ Fox 24) – Today, Midland College presents its Veterans Day celebration by honoring women in the service.

“Veterans are just assumed that their PTSD comes from some wartime,” says Rebecca Haberman, a veteran. “Mine came from volunteering being at hurricane Katrina. You see the worst of humanity and the best of humanity all at once.”

Rebecca Haberman and Maria Gonzales shared their story with dozens of people at Midland College on what was it like to be a woman in the military.

They say, during the time they served, women were overlooked and seen as underdogs both in the community and military.

“They didn’t expect us to achieve the same goals as men,” Haberman says. “They didn’t see us moving up in positions as the men counterparts that we were serving right alongside.”

“My drill instructor threw my stuff out the window and said you pick it up in one trip,” says Maria Gonzales, a veteran. “But you know that was just the beginning of my career. I did meet the challenge I did more and above, and that upset my drilling instructor, but to me, that was the start of the challenges as I as a woman was going to start facing.”

There are 200,000 women veterans in Texas, and 2-3% are homeless.

Gonzales says she’s in the works of beginning a women’s veteran program.

“I need to dedicate my time and my efforts in helping those women,” says Gonzales. They need housing; they need those privileges that they earned.”

Haberman and Gonzales say society has gotten better in breaking the stigma of women being in the military.

“Society has come such a long way,” says Haberman. “More women are joining the military, more women are outranking men, and more women are showing we’re just as good if not better.”

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