MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Mary Lambeth has been named Distinguished artist for the 2022 Celebration of the Arts.

Mary Lambeth is an award-winning artist from Midland, Texas who is known for her work in watercolor and mixed media.

“It’s perfect for the Southwest because it dries real fast and it’s easy to get out and put up it’s just real easy, Lambeth said. I miss the other mediums you can get different effects with them but I love my watercolors I’ve found great colors, I love the colors it’s what I’m going for are trying to match the colors in the flowers.

In 2021, Lambeth created the Lambeth studio and Elbow Gallery.

Lambeth’s creative art is the reason she is being recognized by the Texas Park and Wildlife as the Texas master naturalist. She is also a signature member of the Texas Watercolor Society, American Plains Artist Society and Montana Watercolor Society for her she lives and breathes art.

“Art is important and we need to keep it in the schools we need to keep it in our communities and it helps with education it despite all the problem solving and thinking outside and being creative,” Lambeth said.

She will be creating urban sketches of Midland sites for the Celebration of the Arts event happening all weekend starting on Friday as premiere day.

For more information about the Celebration of the Arts hosted by the Midland Art Council check out their website.