MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Midland animal services has been affected by the distemper outbreak at the shelter and now they have resorted to extreme measures.

Midland Animal services manager Ty Coleman says CDV or canine distemper virus is dangerous to dogs.

“Distemper has various amounts of different symptoms you have eye discharge and nose discharge the later symptoms of distemper is neurological and you’ll see some twitching in the head or maybe some body the limbs, their feet are twitching,” Coleman says.

The shelter says it will remain closed until next week because of the outbreak and will not be taking in any animals for the time being.

“We’re deep clean the entire shelter that’s the air vents every door handle every bar on the dog cage in every little small spot we want to make sure we eradicate the disease completely out of the shelter,” Coleman says. So that way when we start accepting new animals, we’re not exposing them to distemper,.

Midland animal services says currently there is no treatment for distemper, they do recommend making sure all of your pets are up to date on their vaccinations.

Other tips include:

  • Re-homing a pet via Facebook post
  • Checking other animal service agencies for if they have room.