Memorial weekend travel traffic in Midland

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MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – Memorial Day weekend is here and people in the basin are set to take to the skies.

All day people have been coming in and out of Midland International Airport as airports are expecting a big rise in travelers. For some it’s the first time traveling since the start of the pandemic.

“Actually I was really expecting a long line just now but the Midland airport is honestly a clear as can be,” said Ross Teichman.

While there were not long lines at MAF, airport employees say they have seen a big jump in travelers within the last day. And passengers who frequent MAF are noticing this rise as well.

“I feel like it was pretty dead in the beginning but then there was an influx of people and I think it is starting to pick back up,” said Naylie Lujan.

TSA says that you should expect long lines at airports across the country as more people return to normal. But airports are still requiring face masks and some locals are still playing it safe.

“Anything we can so to keep people safe and make sure everyone gets to where they need to,” said one traveler.

But people flying out of MAF are just glad to get out and travel.

“There’s something about working from home staying at home not seeing family and friends it just wears on,” Teichman said. “Everyone needs this three day weekend to just relax and unwind.”

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