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World Diabetes Day

ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- A diagnosis that affects 9.4% of the American population.

Dr. Varuna Nargunan, M.D says diabetes has varying symptoms ranging from “feeling thirsty a lot, drinking a lot of water, having sudden weight loss, feeling sick, nausea, vomiting, throwing up all the time, and then they find that their sugars are really high.”

Diabetes can take two different forms, type 1 which is more common among kids is where the body doesn’t produce insulin; and, type 2, which is common among those 30 years and older, where people don’t respond to insulin-like they should and eventually don’t make enough insulin.

“Hemoglobin A1C which is the average sugar for the last three months and anything more than 6.5 is considered as diabetes and a fasting blood sugar anything more than 126 is diabetes. Any random sugar more than 200 any time of the day is diabetes.”

But why does the body need insulin? Doctors say, to regulate blood sugar.

“The strong one is the diet habits and genetics plays its own role in diabetes in the past it used to be like ‘okay older people and now you are going to get diabetes, you get hypotension’ but we are seeing younger kids.”

While diabetes is unavoidable to some there are things that doctors recommend to help fight off the chronic disease.

“Brisk exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, minimum, and the more you can do the better and the same with the diet cut down on pop drinks try to have healthy food options, more baked and grilled rather than fried and deep-fried.”

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