Mass shooting hearing at Odessa College

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ODESSA, TX (Big 2/ Fox 24) – Odessa College held a public hearing on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety, today.

Some of the families of the victims of the mass shooting, along with the public, gave their testimony.

Dozens of people from the victims families to those supporting their 2nd amendment rights appeared at the Mass Violence Prevention hearing to have Texas Representatives hear their voice.

“They’re trying to legislate how to prevent these mass shootings,” says Robert Novak, a resident. “It is hard to try to say how you’re going to prevent them because they’re looking for common denominators.”

Novak says gun free zones isn’t the answer to prevent other mass shootings

“I don’t have a solution for it we just got to try and find one,” he says. “But restricting people on how they get guns and where to buy guns it does take longer than 107 seconds to get a gun.”

It has been two months since the mass shooting that killed 7 and injured 22 in Odessa.

The state representatives want the public to give their thoughts on how to prevent future acts of mass violence.

Sonya Cortez, who heard the testimony of the victim’s families says hearing the families speak to the representatives seemed emotional.

“It’s really heartbreaking,” Cortez says. “But I’m also proud that they’re able to get out there and all of the pain they’re going through trying to make a difference so that their loved ones didn’t die in vain.”

Many people from the hearing felt sympathy for the victims families.

“It’s heartbreaking and I felt for them,” says Brent McCain, a paramedic.

Many also are fighting for their 2nd amendment rights.

“I left my gun sitting by my nightstand last night,” he says.”It stayed there it didn’t pull the trigger itself it is the evil and humanity.”

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