Man serenades wife hospitalized with COVID-19

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ODESSA, Texas (NEXSTAR) – Coronavirus has impacted nearly everyone in very different ways. But for Santos Gutierrez, the virus couldn’t keep him from loving his wife.

“I was thinking of a way to cheer her up a little bit so I started calling her family members up. I called her mother, her dad, her brothers and I called some of my family members up and I told them I have an idea,” said Gutierrez.

Over the weekend, Gutierrez hired a mariachi band, climbed to the top of the parking garage at Medical Center Hospital, and made sure she knew how much he loved and missed her.

That sweet moment was captured Sunday and the video has since gone viral.

“That was one of her things and so I figured that would probably do the trick,” said Gutierrez. “I don’t think I could bbq on top of the parking garage so I figured, I’ll have her some music live and have her family there at the same time.”

His wife has been in the hospital since last week with COVID and pneumonia. But every day, Gutierrez orders his wife food, delivers it to the hospital, and climbs the parking garage to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with her via Facetime.

“It’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She is getting well fed I can tell you that,” said Gutierrez.

However, over the weekend, Gutierrez says she was having a down day and his goal was to lift her spirits. After a few phone calls to his wife’s family, they gathered, got the band, made some signs and headed to the parking garage again.

“I just wanted to show her some support and show her that we are still waiting for her to get out,” Gutierrez said of the show.

He didn’t expect for the video to go viral, but he is grateful for the support he has gotten from the community and praised the staff at MCH for their care.

Gutierrez says he hopes she will be released from the hospital this afternoon.

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