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MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24) – The Permian Basin has always been known for its oil and gas production, and so many depend on it for the health of the economy. However, how badly are we exposing the health of our environment and pollution?

Researchers of the environmental integrity project say the oil and gas that we produce affects the air and environment.

Michael Nickell, museum scientist, and naturalist of Sibley Nature Center, says he can’t speak for the oil industry. Still, he does acknowledge that all mankind plays a part in the environment.

“I can’t speak for the oil industry, but we all have a responsibility in the environment and the condition of the environment,” Nickell says. “We all drive cars we all eat the food we all wear clothing we all enjoy all kinds of tools and implements in society  that are made from plastics we all have a carbon footprint.”

The Environmental Integrity Project reported that the Basin will soon account for about 40% of all U.S. oil production.  

The group says all that oil and gas will lead to pollution beyond federal environmental standards.

“Humans have always had an impact on the environment,” Nickell says.

“Even go back thousands of years people were still impacted in their environment.    

Nickell says drilling or not, we all still play a part in the environment.

“I think all of us must take personal responsibility; this is our home this plateau that we live on; it’s our home,” Nickell says. 

To find out the air quality in the Basin, click the link below:

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April 22 2021 09:00 am