Long-time Ector County District Attorney announces he won’t seek re-election

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His message to his fellow West Texans

ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- One dream, 14 years and countless cases. Ector County District Attorney Bobby Bland now announcing he will not seek re-election.

“Every time we went into the courtroom and said we represent the state of texas and the citizens of Ector County it was a great honor. It will always be the greatest professional honor of my whole life that I got to be the District Attorney in my home town.”

Starting his career at just 36, Bland never imagined he would gain national recognition by working on a case involving the most prolific serial killer, Samual Little.

“Closure and answers, not only got justice for them but you got justice for people all across this nation. People all across this nation because of the work done here in Ector County now know what happened to their loved one. To have an impact like that is very humbling.”

Bland, highlighting the importance of a strong foundation especially with the oil industry.

“We’ve gone from a small office with a few employees to a bigger office with a lot of employees handling tons of crime. If we hadn’t taken those steps to increase the size of the office we wouldn’t be able to handle this huge amount of crime we’ve had with the oil boom.”

Fourteen years later with a message for the next District Attorney to serve Ector County.

“Justice requires that you wear the white hat all the time. You need to try and do the right thing every time it doesn’t matter whether it’s popular or not it doesn’t matter whether people like what you did as long as you’re doing the right thing you’re doing what you should do.”

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