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MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar)- Nurses say they feel the pressure as more people need medical attention in the past few weeks. Chief Nurse Officer at MCH, Christin Timmons says everyone in the hospital from medical providers to house keepers to clinical staff has met their max.

“When you walk through those halls and you just see bed after bed of patients and you can’t do anything other than maintain. I think its just very hard for the staff to see that,” Timmons said.

Amid this stressful time for healthcare workers a local Facebook group in Midland has made it their priority to recognize and thank healthcare workers. The Facebook group is called ‘Thank a Healthcare Hero’ it was created in last fall by Heather Bredimus. Bredimus is the wife of Midland Memorials Nurse Officer Kit Bredimus and she decided to create this Facebook group after her husband would share stories about what healthcare workers were going through during the surge of Covid-19 cases last year.

“I just wanted to do something to help bring morale up and let them know that we know everything you are doing to help our community and we support you and appreciate you,” says Bredimus .

Over the weekend a group member on the Facebook page thought about having a ‘Shine our lights’ event. People gathered at the Midland Memorial Hospital they parked their cars in the parking rooftop and took part in the ‘Shine our Lights’ event.

“It was such a beautiful clear night we all gathered up there and everyone parked and put on their hazards came outside we prayed and we sang, ” says Bredimus. 

Bredimus says one of the best parts in taking part in events like the  ‘Shine Our Lights’ event is the feeling she gets something she can’t explain.

“It was so amazing because we noticed that some of the nurses and patients were flipping their lights on and off as well on the 8th and 9th floors. They could see us and they were waving hello,” says Bredimus.

This is not the first time this Facebook group has organized and gathered to boost healthcare workers’ morale. Last year during the holidays many gathered to greet  workers during Thanksgiving week and on Christmas day. Dozens of people waited to greet and cheer on healthcare workers as they finished a long day at the hospital.

“It is so beautiful and it’s just you cant describe it you have to experience it,” says Bredimus.

Bredimus says she plans to continue to help encourage and thank healthcare workers as long as she has the support of the community. 

For more information on when the next event is or if you have an idea for a feature event join the ‘Thank a Healthcare Hero’ page on Facebook. 

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