Local training company talks about the dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide

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Odessa, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- Hydrogen sulfide, the higher the concentration the more deadly H2S becomes.

“Toxic gas, H2S is a hazard that can creep up on you. It can be deadly, it’s a silent killer,” says Training Director, Maribel Granados.

She says, for some professions, it’s common to come across this gas. “It’s naturally occurring it’s made up of the decomposition of organic material so you can find it in sewers, swamps, coal mines, and then in the oil field it’s very common.”

She adds that new technology is becoming more of an asset for H2S training.

“We have to rely on our monitors, and they can be either portable monitors that you have on your person, 6 to 9 inches from your plane of respiration so usually it’s the first button of your shirt. Then there are also fixed monitors because we have to have constant air monitoring. You want to pay attention to wind indicators, windsocks, streamers, flagging tape whatever’s out there and pay attention to wind direction so you know what to do in an emergency.”

While these tools have a high-efficiency rate, that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen.

“Something happens, then you go back you rescue but you have to have respiratory protection,” says Granados.

According to the Training Director, H2S exposure is limited to those working directly with the gas, and an emergency procedure is just as important as precautionary procedures.

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