MIDLAND, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — Each month four teachers are chosen for our Teacher of the Month award and one of those four is surprised in person.
This month we chose 6th-grade teacher, Elizabeth Tate from Fannin Elementary in Midland.

Ms. Tate has been teaching for decades and has put most of her life into helping students in West Texas. So far she’s been at Fannin Elementary for 3 years and says she is loving her time there.

“33 years. Started in Carlsbad, New Mexico for 5 years, moved to Midland in 1995, and been here ever since. I started at Travis for many years. Then moved to Emerson, Faskin, SJ and then here,” said Tate.

She says her students are what make her day interesting.

“Oh my gosh they’re awesome, they are just the best kids. They’ll do anything and everything you want them to and they try so hard,” said Tate.

But also a big part of that happiness at work is a co-worker and close friend…. Ms. Kim Blackketter, another 6th-grade teacher. Who also happens to be the person who nominated Ms. Tate.

“Oh my gosh what a surprise, that was so awesome, I couldn’t believe she did that,” said Tate.

Ms. Tate was given a beautiful bouquet from Market Street Floral, a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, and a $250 gift card sponsored by Pioneer.

“Ms. Tate is a fabulous team member, she’s a friend, and having good team members and friends at work is what makes a person want to come here every day,” said Ms. Blackketter.

She says working with Ms. Tate every day makes her day go a lot smoother, as they plan a lot of their class schedules together.
She also talks about the kind of person Ms. Tate is outside of the classroom.

“She’s wonderful. She has a lot of qualities she has that are the same as mine. She loves animals, she loves to laugh, she’s just a lot of fun to be around,” said Ms. Blackketter.

Ms. Tate hopes to continue teaching in the next several years and continue her passion of teaching our local kids.

All four of our winners receive a 250-dollar gift card sponsored by Pioneer.
Here’s a look at our other three winners…
Alyssa Chavira, who teaches 10th-12th grade at Midland High School, a big shout out to her.

We also have Mary Hernandez that teaches 5th grade at Stanton ISD.. Another awesome teacher to have in our community.

Also, Kimberly Ornelas who teaches kindergarten at Marcy Elementary…
We just want to say thank you so much to all of our amazing teachers in West Texas.
We really are so fortunate to have you in our community.

If you have a teacher you think goes above and beyond in the classroom, you can nominate them right now HERE.
This contest does go on until the end of may…So there is still a chance your favorite teacher could win!