Local non-profits adjust daily operations during COVID-19 pandemic

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MIDLAND, TEXAS (Big 2/ Fox 24)- As thousands of people are flooding the grocery stores and buying food local non-profit organizations like Breaking Bread, Meals on Wheels and the West Texas Food Bank are making adjustments to their everyday operations to make sure those in the Permian Basin get the support they need.

“You know like I said before we know these people, these are our family, some of them have been coming for a decade or longer and so it’s kind of non-negotiable that we continue to take care of these people,” says Mari Sykes the Director at Breaking Bread.

Breaking Bread volunteers create an assembly line to fill bags full of food for those in need

Margaret Burton, the Executive Director for Meals on Wheels, adding that “it’s very important these people get their food because they have no other way of getting nourishment.”

Breaking Bread is practicing social distancing by closing down their dining area and allowing people to grab their to-go plates from 5 p.m to 6:30 p.m.

According to Sykes, “people who get here earlier can take it and they can go somewhere else and it kind of spreads out the feeding time so that we’re able to still feed everybody while making sure people aren’t having as much contact with one another.”

Meals on Wheels is still operating for the older population that can’t drive and depend on them for food.

Meals on Wheels volunteers load their vehicles with pre-packed meals before going on their food route.

“We are giving instructions to the drivers to knock on the door, leave the meal, step back if the client could put a cooler out or a box or we will be hanging the food on the door,” says the Executive Director.

The West Texas Food Bank is converting to a drive-through food pantry and working closely with their local, and national partners to keep their pantry stocked.

Shelves full of food inside the West Texas Food Bank

The Director of Marketing, Craig Stoker, saying that people will “drive up, you’ll be directed to where you need to be, we’ll snap a picture of your I.D, we’ll put the food in your trunk for you. You don’t have to get out it’s a very simple operation.”

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