Law enforcement talks safety following groping incidents

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Anyone with information is asked to contact OPD

ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/FOX 24)- It’s a scary situation for some residents at a nearby apartment.

“Stay back and put them on alert because they’re looking for an easy victim,” says Sgt. Gary Duesler with ECSO.

One resident who wants to stay anonymous says the suspect they believed groped several women is usually out at night, “Pretty upset with the growth of the area. We’ve lived here pretty much all of our lives here in Odessa but all the influx of people coming in it’s just been a lot of problems. Keep an eye on your children, do not let them go out after dark.”

ECSO reiterating the same advice saying “just don’t take any chances on it that’s the best thing I can do. Be aware of your surroundings, try not to be alone and take a partner with you.”

However, if you do get caught in a bad situation draw as much attention as possible. “How far am I away from the car, if you need to scream then scream if they get offended by that well oh well,” says Duesler.

According to ECSO if you are alone being on the phone with someone is a good idea.

“Just go ‘you know I got a guy approaching me and he is wearing…” give a description even if it’s only to yourself so that you can say it and remember it but go home safe that night that’s the main thing.”

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