PECOS, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The Permian Basin is filled with hidden gems and this coffee shop is one of them.

La Tejana Coffee Bar offers espresso sensations, light bites and additional drink options.

The unique concept of this coffee bar is its extended space which allows for more than just coffee drinking. La Tejana has a backdoor patio, dance floor and illuminated space which is perfect for events that are held here. From Quinceanera’s to weddings and birthdays, this place might be the spot to consider for your next occasion.

La Tejana was founded in 2018 by owner, Mysela Alvarez. She’s a millennial, graduate, and proud of her Mexican-American heritage.

Being a young, latina, business owner, Mysela knew she wanted to beat the odds, overcome any fears and achieve her dreams. Though she is the head of La Tejana, she credits her store success to her village. “I would not be here without my friends who helped me design my shop or my parents who help me when I become sick,” said Mysela about her support.

This female-business owner lived in Austin for 10 years and grew enamored with coffee. She appreciated sipping while also sitting in a cozy environment. This would give her the inspiration of her store here in West Texas. “I want people to feel like they are with family when they come here and enjoy their coffee,” said the owner.

If coffee isn’t what you’re in the mood for, La Tejana offers a “twist” on cocktails. Due to Pecos alcohol laws, there are limitations on “spirits.” However, there are still options for you to sip in spirits. “I had to get a little creative and instead of liquor in a mixed drink, I incorporate white claws,” said Alvarez. There’s a decorated “drink” menu with Mysela’s special creation.

La Tejana is located in Pecos, Texas and open 5 days a week. Tuesday through Thursday the coffee shop is open from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. and Friday and Saturday until 12 AM.

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