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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – As air travel is taking off once again after a hard hit due to the pandemic a new app is now making travel a lot easier by morphing airports into global chat rooms.

Knackel app developer Charles Bellantoni, says this app allows for travelers in different airports and cities to connect with each other before, after and during their trip.

“You just plug in the information you’d like to load,” says Bellantoni. “If it’s an airport name, or an airline and a flight number or just an airline’s name, it would then load a screen that either explains details on either the airline or airport front or it would just take you directly into the public chat room where your username appears and you can just start flowing conversation and content.”

During the chat rooms you can find someone to befriend at the airport or on your flight. You can even ask questions about your destination and get the latest on COVID-19 protocols.

“The community has now come together and started helping each other,” says Bellatoni. “Just asking general questions in terms of- How is this airport? How is this airline handling xyz? Have you flown through this airport? Where are some safe sports, where can I feel most comfortable?”

You can even connect with businesses to save some cash on your trip.

“If you add a trip lets just say you’re going to Miami June 5th through the 10th. What a business can do is target any travelers who add Miami International Airport between those date ranges,” says Bellantoni. “What essentially happens is you get the deal fed to you. So it’s kind of like curated deals presented to travelers, targeting the days in which they’re going.”

And Knackle is only getting bigger.

“We’re actually just about to launch a new feature where you can search travelers by trip,” says Bellantoni. “You can go in and search not only the destination but you can filter it down by exact dates. You can see if there are any other travelers on the app, going to the same location as you. So that you can add them, message them, ask questions, have they been there before? Maybe you’re traveling by yourself, overall feel it out and see who is available to network and link with.”

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