Kimberly Crisp talks with residents about their concerns ahead of the District 4 City Council race

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Why she thinks this election is important

MIDLAND, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- For Kimberly Crisp having the option to choose your leaders is important.

“I really felt it was important that the voters get a choice and they get a voice. It didn’t seem like anyone else was going to announce and it was in my heart that this is something I needed to do.”

Crisp says voter turnout has been an issue in the past and hopes more people will come out this time around. “To be quite honest our voter turnout rates are atrocious here I mean we’re talking usually between 8%-15% voter turn out. That’s of registered voters that doesn’t even include all of the other people who aren’t registered to vote.”

Her goal is to get people to see how important local government is. “Your local government are the ones that are: building your schools, building your parks, maintaining your roads, maintaining your utilities, dealing with your property taxes.”

Residents of Midland took time Saturday to share their concerns and in return she shared her plans on how she’d address them. “We have not enough housing which was never an issue when I was a kid, our schools are really really over crowded, basically we are just busting at the seems here.”

A task she says she’s ready to take head-on. She says she’s seen the issues first-hand when reviewing the city budget. “Where are areas that we could cut back that would not negatively impact the community but free up money to positively impact the community.”

“Midland was not built for this population. We’re not going to be able to become Dallas or Austin we don’t have the logistical structure for that but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t solutions to help ease some of these growth problems,” says Crisp.

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