MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2/Fox 24) – When driving around Midland you’ve probably seen trash on the side of the roads and in fields.

Midlanders said seeing litter is nothing new to them and Keep Midland Beautiful is providing people an opportunity to help change that.

“There’s a trash problem and it doesn’t help that we have the West Texas winds that move it all along so it can happen very easily,” said Sarah Lauaritzen.

Lauaritzen has lived in Midland for 25 years. She said she’s seen a lot of litter around the city.

“As a matter of fact I was driving to Greenwood the other day and just noticing on the side of the roads, how the plastic bags get stuck on the cactus or on the dead plants right now and things like that and it just looks really bad,” said Lauaritzen

And Lauraitzen is not alone. Marc Kondrup who also lives in the who also lives in Midland has seen the trash on the side of the road and he’s even seen people throwing trash out of their cars.

“It’s just disrespectful of the other people that live in the community, not to mention it’s just bad for the environment,” Kondrup said.

But Keep Midland Beautiful is working to clean things up. With its ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ Trash-off. Everyone is invited to volunteer and help clean up the city.

“Starting March 1st and going through the end of May, you can form a group, we’ll give you all the supplies you need and get out and pick an area to clean up,” said Doreen Womack, Executive Director of Keep Midland Beautiful.

And those who volunteer can choose any day and time they want to help.

“It really doesn’t take that long, you would be amazed how much better you can make an area that is littered look by going out for an hour or two hours then going on with your day,” said Womack.

Midlanders like Kondrup are happy this will make his city look a little better.

“I have gone out to volunteer to pick up trash,” said Kondrup. “Our staff has done it as a staff so we’ve kind of made a day of its kind of thing so it’s fun.”

Others like Stewart Harvey hope this will give the community a chance to come together and make a difference.

“Then we can look at each other and say job well done,” said Harvey. “How does it feel to live here? Love it. How does it look? Fantastic.”

If you would like to be a part of the Don’t Mess with Texas Trash-Off, you can register on Keep Midland Beautiful’s website.