Jurassic Quest Dinosaurs Arrive in Midland

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MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – It’s the nation’s biggest and most realistic dinosaur event and it’s in the Basin.

On Friday, Jurassic Quest opened the gates of the Midland Horseshoe Arena, exposing residents to more than 70 moving and roaring animatronic dianosaurs. Among the pre-historic must sees is the Tyrannosaurs Rex, Spinosaurus and Triceraptors.

This Texas based compants collobrated with palentologists to ensure each dinasour was replicated in every detail from coloration to teeth size, to textured skin, fur or feathers.

Pre-historic Nick says the collobration has helped make this attraction.

“One thing that we know a lot about is that main dinasours not all but many dinasours had feathers, we learned that because on some dinasours we have both direct evidence of fossils,” Nick said.

All the fun happens from the comfort of your car.

“We have a covid safe environment where customers be inside their own vehicles and be able to see all these massive creatures made to the exact scale that they animals were when they were in their lives,”Nick says.

The jurassic quest drive-thru experince is meant to be exciting and educational.

“We specialize in what we like to call edu-tainment its entertainng but also educational customers will learn about the animals we have here as well as the time periods they lived in,” Nick says.

Popular movies such as the Jurassic Park sequels are a great starting point.

“Even though movies may inspire people they may get things wrong but that’s okay because its all about getting people interested in the first place,” Nick says.

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