‘I’ve never met anyone like him’: Odessa businessman mourned after deadly accident on Andrews Highway

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Clyde Hinton had a golden character. But it was his attitude towards business that would shape his legacy.

“It’s the absolute truth… I’ve never met anyone like him,” said Ricky Wayne Hinton, the son of Clyde. “Never in my life.”

On Sunday just before noon, the 68-year-old was killed in an accident. The City of Midland spokesperson said that Clyde’s car struck a truck head-on, on Andrews Highway.

“If he had the ability to help you, he’d help you,” said Ricky.

To paint a picture of just who Clyde Hinton was, he was a selfless man with heart and integrity.

Ricky says nothing was handed to his father, Clyde, on a silver spoon. Clyde lost his own father when he was 14. Ricky says, Clyde started working in the oilfields at 15. When he was 17-years-old, Clyde worked his way up to running a rig. At 19, Clyde was a company man, in charge of other men.

“He took care of everyone around him. It takes broad shoulders to carry that kind of load,” Ricky said. “I believe he had the broadest of all.”

Clyde carried that work ethic he learned at a young age, through his life, to take care of his siblings. He was a self-made man.

“He would do anything for anybody, but he fully expected you to work hard, take care of your business, be good to your family, keep your morals and your ethics tight,” Ricky said. “There wasn’t a thing in the world he wouldn’t do for you.”

Ricky says his father’s work ethic was impeccable, that he was blessed with an opportunity while working at a company called “Packer Sales,” to take over the company. Ricky says, because of the way his father, Clyde, was helped in business, Clyde wanted to return that favor to others.

“He was able to do that for so many people, more people than we know of at this point,” Ricky said.

There is no doubt that Clyde was serious about many things. One of them was his family, especially his own children as they were growing up in their youth.

“He would just come in after work and just stick his pinkie up, and he’d grab me and my brother and pick us up, then set us down,” Ricky recalled amusingly. “So, I think the lesson was, ‘Don’t mess with dad.'”

Ricky says his father would sponsor all of the family’s grandchildren in softball. On Valentine’s Day, Clyde never forgot to send flowers to all of the girls in the family.

If there was one thing Ricky could tell his dad, Clyde, right now, it’s this:

“That I’ll absolutely do my best to keep this family together, and to keep his name alive… to keep his ethics and morals alive, and to pass them along to my grand-kids and to let them know how special he was.”

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