‘It was a smashed pumpkin’: Projectile prank leaves Odessa business owner with damaged vehicle

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – A disturbing prank has left an Odessa business owner picking up the pieces.

“I was in the middle of working on some products for my business. I am an artist,” said Schaey Arceneaux, owner of Galactic Ghoul Creations.

Schaey was busy Sunday night around 8 when something strange and unusual happened to her, right outside her house on McKnight Drive.

“I was taking a break, sitting on the couch,” Arceneaux recalls. “My grandparents were outside tending to the dogs, and we heard this very loud, ‘Pop!’”

Schaey said her first reaction was confusion, and that she played off the sound for only a moment because she didn’t expect anything bad to have happened. After all, Schaey says her neighborhood is quiet and safe. But what she found next gave her a scare.

“It was a really weird sound. Something made me want to come check it out. So, I stepped outside and I saw something laying on the ground. At first, I couldn’t tell what it was. But it was a smashed pumpkin.” Arceneaux said.

Schaey shared alarming photos with us. You can see a medium-sized pumpkin that is smashed. Its seeds are spilled out on the ground, likely from impact. The damage caused to Schaey’s Jeep was severe.

“They threw a pumpkin at my car! It dented it pretty bad. It got some rips in the paint, the outer part,” Arceneaux said, showing the damage.

Even worse, the pumpkin projectile left the tailgate of Schaey’s Jeep bent. It cracked her taillight and broke off the custom license plate frame Schaey had made herself. She’s afraid to open the trunk in fear it might not close again.

“It’s probably fun to y’all, but it’s not fun to the person receiving whatever you did to them, because I don’t know how I’m going to pay for this repair,” Arceneaux said.

After talking with police and neighbors, she has a description of the suspect’s vehicle: a black, four door truck. It’s either a Chevy or a GMC.

But now, she’s left picking up the pieces.

“Why?” reporter Rob Tooke asks.

“I really wish I knew,” Arceneaux responds. “I don’t know if I was targeted or if it was random. I don’t know if it happened to anybody else or if it will happen to anybody else.”

Schaey uses her Jeep for her business, to travel around and out of town. Had the pumpkin gone any higher, or if someone was in the Jeep, Schaey fears it could have been a lot worse. Regardless, her message to whoever did this: ‘Just stop.’

“I’m struggling as a small business owner, trying to get my products out there, my name out there. I am barely making ends meet, trying to pay for the car. Now, I’m taking care of another expense that could have been prevented had somebody just left me alone.”

Schaey says she’s filed a report with Odessa Police.

If anyone has information about the vandalism, you’re asked to give police or Odessa Crime Stoppers a call.

For those who would like to help with the cost of repairs, Schaey has shared a link to her GoFundMe fundraiser here.

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