‘I really don’t want to be stuck in the floods again’: Midland Co. family talks past damage, road changes on SCR 1200

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MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (Nexstar) – Wednesday’s rain is bringing back worries over flooding.

The morning rainfall did nothing more than create puddles, some flooded road shoulders, and kicked-up mud. Yet, it’s a concerning harbinger for Luis Prito, who lives by SCR 1200 and W County Road 120.

“Before the flooding, I didn’t worry so much about the rain. But now, if I even hear the thunder starting, I get worried, you know, because I really don’t want to be stuck in the floods again,” Prito said.

His part of the street takes a dip. His house is on low-lying land. Most of Prito’s extended family lives on a large lot alongside him.

We first spoke to neighbors and Prito’s family in early July about the damage they saw.

Now, Prito says the bottom part of his family’s trailer is still pushed inward by the floodwaters from early July. Water got into the bottom, potentially creating mold.

His family’s air conditioner broke down after floodwaters damaged it.

“You know it’s a hot Texas summer when it’s not raining,” Prito said.

Trucks in the lot are now parked on higher ground, to avoid any water from rushing in, like in the picture below, taken earlier this month.

But Prito says it’s only been in recent times that flooding has gotten bad.

“Ever since they constructed some stuff in the street, I’m not sure what they did, but it certainly messed us up over here because we haven’t had flooding that bad before,” Prito said.

The hope is to have the area taken care of by the county of Midland, before anything worse happens.

A family member of Prito said off-camera, that before, the water would drain down the road, not into their property, which exists in an area like a small “valley.”

“We’re hoping they can do something to fix it permanently, because if it’s going to be this bad with rain, it would be really bad to be stuck in floods often,” Prito said.

The other issues at hand include, mosquitoes swarming over still water, inaccessible conditions for the older family members to go about their daily business, and potential contamination from the family’s septic tank.

“The people say, the water is dirty, not just because it’s rain water, but because of septic stuff,” Prito said. “Really filthy water. It smells like a lake out here.”

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