MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – A young baseball player in Midland is being remembered by the community he played for.

14-year-old Gavin Shubert lost his life after a tragic ATV accident in Midland this month. The talented baseball player not only had an impact on the field and in the dugout, but in the city he played for.

“If you say the number 85, anywhere in the Midland community, they instantly know you’re talking about Gavin Shubert,” said Jason Stockstill, Gavin’s former baseball coach.

To paint a picture of who Gavin Shubert was, he was a talented catcher. Even more, he was a phenomenal teammate.

“He was the first one to gather us up to offer a prayer. He was the first one to look at you and maybe, if we were losing a game, he’d look at you and look at you as a coach and say, ‘I got you coach,'” Stockstill said.

Jason first started coaching Gavin when he was 8-years-old. Gavin played travel ball and little league baseball.

“He played on our Northern All-Star teams. The team back in 2019, we took to the Southwest Regional. We were one game away from winning… he was part of that journey with us,” Stockstill said.

Jason says he didn’t just coach Gavin from the sidelines. The relationship was much more as Gavin grew into a young man.

“I had constant text conversations with him about his beloved Longhorns, and my Red Raiders, and we’d jab all the time,” Stockstill recalled.

If there is a word to describe Gavin on the field, it’s ‘competitor.’ Yet, Jason says, despite all of Gavin’s talent, the young man was humble. A person loyal to his team and the game, who encouraged not just his teammates, but the coaching staff.

Baseball clearly defined who Gavin was. But the bigger impact is, just how much Gavin meant to the sport of baseball: his joy, his spirit, and his ability to draw people in. Gavin was at the center of the sport.

Jason says all relationships Gavin was a part of are stronger, and the teams Gavin played on are better, all because of the special opportunity of being alongside Gavin as he grew up: behind the batter’s box, in the dugout, and off the field. Gavin had the back of his teammates, lifting them up.

If there is anything Gavin’s former coach Jason could tell him right now, it’s this:

“Thank you for the opportunity to have my life blessed because of him, to have his family bless my family because of the years spent together, and to know that one day we will see him again,” Stockstill said. “It will be a sweet reunion.”

The amount of support is overwhelming, Jason says. The GoFundMe he set up for Gavin’s family has surpassed the goal of $20,000. You can find that link here if you would like to donate.