How to avoid scams on Giving Tuesday

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MIDLAND, TX (Big 2/ Fox 24) – It’s that time of the year where many will be donating to organizations for Giving Tuesday, however, around this time also calls for scammers to take your money.

The Better Business Bureau says around this time of the year, scammers target everyone who donates to charitable organizations.

Heather Massey, a senior regional of Better Business Bureau, says scammers will tend to use copycats name of charitable organizations, a common trick scammers use to steal your money.

“Right now, they’re playing in people’s heartstrings,” Massey says. “At this time of the year, so before you make those donations be sure and do your research.”

The bureau says to try to avoid giving to new charities. Don’t be pressured into giving to an unfamiliar organization, and do your research before donating.

“There are a lot of charitable organizations that have the names that sound just like,” she says. “You really want to research the organization carefully and make sure you’re giving to the correct organization.”

Massey says the most people targeted around this time of the year – those who can be vulnerable.

“If you have someone who tends to be home maybe you’re retired or stay at home mom we really recommend to have a refusal script ready,” she says. “You’re going to let someone know that comes to your door that you already made your charitable contribution for the year.”

Massey says you would need to watch out for sure signs.

“If they would be happy to give you their information and let you make an inform decision, you’ll consider them next year,” she says. “What generally happens if they’re not a trustworthy charity, they will immediately start to pressure you and make you feel guilty for not donating on the spot.”

Massey says to keep an eye on those online donations. You would need to keep in mind the clues.

“Make sure the top has the URL that has the https and also the lockbox,” Massey says. “That at least let you know that the site is secure before you enter any payment information.”

Click the link below to track the charitable organizations that you put your money into:

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