Houston attorney challenges an all Republican Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

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Fighting for constitutional rights, due process, and equity in capital punishment

BIG SPRING, Texas (BIG2/FOX24) – Constitutional law attorney, William Demond, made an appearance at the Howard County Democratic Headquarters. Demond is running for a seat in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in the 2020 elections.

“I believe that it is one-sided. I believe that it does not have a diversity of opinion that reflects the people of Texas.”

Demond is a sixth generation Texan. While he was born in Austin, he currently practices law in Houston. He says there is always more to every case, and every story, than meets the eye.

“I think a lot of judges just assume outright that a lot of things in front of them is correct than maybe digging in a little bit further,” said Demond. “Unfortunately, we’ve seen decisions coming out of that court where they’re not exactly impartial.”

Currently all nine judgeships of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals are held by Republicans, but Demond says it is time for new perspectives.

“There’s been a verifiable change in the number of criminal convictions that have been overturned and the number of civil jury verdicts that are being honored. And so that different perspective, of bringing those Democrats to that court, is having an impact.”

He says the biggest issues he sees on a daily basis are bail, criminal justice reform, treatment of inmates, and violation of constitutional rights by police officers.

“These are things that I get to see a great deal of, and it happens to apply generally in a racially despaired context.”

Demond hopes this race gives him greater opportunity to make sure rights are protected, instead of fighting from the bench.

“To be able to represent the totality of Texas all at once, I believe, is an impossibility,” explained Demond. “However, I can bring a diversity of opinion, and I can bring a different background.”

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