Household bills set to increase for Odessa residents

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Why the City says the increase was unavoidable

ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- “It’s just one of those, it’s the nature of the beast of a booming economy,” says the city of Odessa’s Director of Communications, Devin Sanchez.

Residents in Odessa will soon see an increase in their solid waste bill. “It’s never fun to raise rates but it is inevitable and it is all in the interest of keeping our residents happy and making sure that trash is picked up and making sure that Odessa is looking good. Solid waste hasn’t been increased in three years and anyone that’s lived here in those three years has known that it has really exploded. There has been a lot more people moving in and a lot more businesses moving in.”

According to Sanchez residents will see a 50 cent increase in their bill and businesses will see a $2.58 increase. “Our population is growing, a lot more businesses are coming here so we’ve had to add a lot more fleet; trucks, dumpsters, garbage trucks pick up employees all of that.”

Another increase residents will see is on their gas bills. Sanchez says this increase was out of the cities control by the natural gas franchise Atmos Energy.

“The city does have to approve that rate increase, now, Odessa along with 65 other cities across the state of Texas worked to get that rate increase that they originally wanted down substantially.”

She says Atmos proposed a 6.23 million-dollar increase and cities in Texas were able to reduce that to 4.70 million dollars.
Residents will see a $2.48 increase per month and business will see a $7.21 increase.

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