Homeowner recounts 911 call after Big Spring dog mauling kills man

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BIG SPRING, Texas (Nexstar) – One homeowner is recalling the horror of a deadly dog attack that prompted her to call 911.

“My dogs sleep inside so they woke me up barking. I thought someone was trying to get into my house,” said Traci Myrick.

Traci lives on E. 13th Street, across the street from where the attack happened early Tuesday morning.

“I opened my back door and I heard a lady screaming, like hollering,” Myrick said.

What she heard was neighbors in the street, around 6 A.M., trying to get a dog to stop mauling a man.

“When I opened my front door, I saw her at the back of the Mustang over there, flailing her arms, hollering,” Myrick said. “So, I immediately went to my room to grab my phone and call 911.”

Traci says she saw two men in the street and a man down on the ground. At first, she says she thought it was a fight. But pretty quickly, it became apparent it wasn’t between any people.

“I could see the dog attacking the man. I told (dispatch) no, it is a dog attacking a man on the ground. One man tried getting the dog to chase him down the street, he was the one who got bit,” Myrick said. “But, then the dog turned around and started attacking the man across the street, like police dogs do. I mean he just tackled him on the ground and went after him… So, I was just trying to think of anything I can do to help this man and the dog actually ran across this side of the street and behind my neighbors truck. I was kind of panicking at that time.”

Big Spring Police said in a press release, when officers arrived, they fired several rounds at the dog to stop the attack. Neighbors describe the dog as a pit bull.

Police say the victim, 46-year-old John Henry, later died from his injuries at a hospital.

During our interview with Traci, the homeowner whose dog was allgedly involved in the attack, came outside of her house. She can be heard arguing with neighbors.

One neighbor off camera said that the same dog involved in the attack tried approaching her daughter the past weekend. The dog was shooed off.

Police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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