BIG SPRING, Texas (Nexstar) – Help is on the way to Kentucky.

In wake of the deadly storm that devastated Western Kentucky, many groups and organizations have taken the initiative to help those affected.

“That’s what we do we have to help each other,” says Co-Founder Jamie Bitner. We have to go out with each other Texas can’t just take of Texas, Texas takes care of everybody.

Co-Founder Jamie Bitner help start True Rescue Resources & Weather Team two years ago. They work hand in hand with emergency personnel when disaster strikes. And now it’s a big help for those in Kentucky.

“I knew that it was bad and there’s tears you just have to jump up in action and save the tears for later,” says Bitner.

The resource drive is a team effort. True Rescue collects the donations and Big Spring Ford Dealership provides transportation of the donations and the space to store the donations.

“It’s just something that we thought we could team together with and something really big for all these people,” Austin Pierce say.

Pierce recalls hurricane Harvey and says the resource drive is a great way to give back like people in other states once did.

“People from other states would come to help us we’re the biggest state in America ,” says Pierce. so if we are the biggest state we need to be the biggest help to everybody else.

The tornado outbreak last Friday, killed at least 88 people and many in Kentucky are still without power or shelter after their homes were destroyed. Bitner says this resources drive is crucial for them.

“When you lay down at night and know that you are helping somebody else that has kids they probably had Christmas presents already picked out everybody was all excited and this happened,” says Bitner. To know that we can give them any sense of relief it just makes my heart happy.

The organization started the resource drive Tuesday, collecting different essential items.

“Non-perishable foods, tents blankets coats no used clothes only new anything you think that can help can openers they’re going to have the plastic wear they can’t wash anything a lot of them don’t have anything they are living in a tent so it’s kind of like it’s dying so that’s why we picked a lot of things we picked,” says Bitner.