Midlander repairs storm damage at home of Stanton family, free of charge

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STANTON, Texas (Nexstar) – James Murphy has a big job ahead of him. It’s one he’s done before. But this job is different.

James came across a story we aired over the weekend about the Bacon family taking shelter in Midland because of damage caused to their home by the freezing weather and ice.

“I was like, God man, that could have been me with my kids,” Murphy said. “Let me call them, see if I can do something.”

So, the Midland native did something heartwarming. He offered to repair the ceiling in the Bacon family’s home, damaged by water and snow, free of charge.

“Godsend, definitely Godsent,” said Jenai Bacon, the mother.

“Being able to utilize the skills that he has and getting access to what he has, just really helps out,” said Brent Bacon, the father.

James is starting in the room of 13-year-old Calista.

“Calista’s room is like her temple, her sanctuary…” Brent and Jenai agree.

Calista has muscular dysttrophy and severe autism. The repairs will give her the space she needs.

“I’m fixing the roof leak inside, ceiling, taking the sheetrock out. Make it look like it was never there,” Murphy said.

“It gives us peace of mind knowing that our little girl will be safe in there,” Brent said.

James isn’t stopping after fixing the ceiling. He’s going to fix a crack on the roof of the family home, making it like new again.

So, what’s in it for him?

“Pay it forward. I needed help in the past. I’m sure I’m going to need it in the future. If you’re able, do it,” Murphy said.

The repairs should take at least a few days. The one thing we’re all looking forward to is just how the kids will react.

James Murphy owns Relay Remodeling. He can be reached at jmurphy@relayremodeling.com.

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