ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Manuel Gonzalez III, tells us that this year your tamales may cost a little bit more than last year due to the rising price of meat and other ingredients needed to make this holiday treat.

For more than 70 years, Gonzalez has been working in his family business, Manuels Tortilla & Tamale Factory; and this year tamale businesses have been hit hard.

“If you noticed what’s happening right now in grocery stores is some items are getting hard to find,” says, Gonzalez.

While the factory makes nearly 130 tamales a minute, Gonzales tells us that the demand for tamales is higher around the holidays but with the supply chain shortage, it’s been difficult to meet certain demands while maintaining the quality of standard set for Manuel’s Tortilla and Tamale Factory.

“My dad always told me don’t ever short change your customers, keep it the same size and just go up on the price if you have to and don’t cheapen the product,” says, Gonzalez

Despite the effects of the supply chain shortage, Gonzalez hopes that with a new shipment of ingredients on its way, he can make it through Christmas serving the community authentic tamales during the holidays.