‘Good news and bad news’: Odessa mother of 3 gets stolen SUV back, but damaged

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ODESSA, (Texas) – An Odessa mother of three who had her SUV stolen, now has it back.

“We’ve located your vehicle.”

That’s the message Summer McCullough got on Monday from Big Spring Police. Officers recovered her 2017 black Dodge Journey in Big Spring, the same city where it had been stolen.

“I jumped up and was like, ‘Let’s go get it, you know…'” McCullough recalls.

The SUV was stolen at a Big Spring Pilot gas station on July 11th. Summer, her kids, and her boyfriend made a pit stop to use the restroom. The keys were left inside by accident.

Since the family was in the middle of moving from Abilene to Odessa, all of the kids belongings were inside the vehicle.

Now that the Dodge has returned to Summer’s Odessa home, it’s only been a somber homecoming.

“Everything from the inside is gone,” McCullough said. “Nothing inside the vehicle is mine.”

The thieves left their garbage behind, too. For Summer, it’s just upsetting to see how complete strangers trashed her family vehicle. By looking at the front windshield, Summer says it appears someone took a crowbar and smashed it. But there’s more damage.

“The back windshield is completely gone,” McCullough said. “I don’t know if they were getting a rise out of busting the windshields or what.”

Not to mention – the stench is unbearable on the inside. Summer says there’s dog fur all over, so it’s likely the thieves had a furry passenger with them. The front bumper is scraped.

It was like a spider web effect. Big Spring Police were getting tips over the weekend, and that led officers to much more.

“They solved like 4 cases with just my car. I don’t know what those cases are. I know he did say that another {case} was a stolen vehicle that they were able to locate on Friday,” McCullough said.

The thieves did not leave town. They apparently pulled Summer’s car up to their house in Big Spring, even leaving the keys inside.

Now, it will be a long road ahead to get the family’s SUV fixed, and to get it safe enough to drive again, which Summer says will cost hundreds, if not thousands.

The focus now is overcoming this traumatic experience and to replace the items Summer’s kids lost, little by little.

But right now, Summer says she’s taking the high road.

“God calls us to forgive, even our enemies, and that’s something I feel that I’m called to do as a Christian,” McCullough said.

For those who are interested in helping Summer’s family, we are sharing their GoFundMe here.

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