MIDLAND-ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – The days after Thanksgiving are not only for holiday shopping. There is a day more significant than Black Friday and Cyber Monday: it is ‘Giving Tuesday.’

It’s a day when people give back to the local groups who help make their communities better.

“We’re hoping to raise a hundred-thousand dollars and I know we’re going to need the community’s support,” said Craig Stoker, Director of Communications and Marketing at the West Texas Food Bank.

The community is recognizing the need. Donors are stepping up to help out. Already, the food bank has gotten tens of thousands of dollars. As of 3 P.M. on Tuesday, the WTX Food Bank received approximately $30,000.

The Midland-based Abell-Hanger Foundation will match up to $100,000 worth of donations.

That’s cash the food bank needs to cover 34,000 sq. miles. in 19 counties. Within that area, there’s an estiamted 60,000 people who are facing hunger in the wake of the pandemic, and in the middle of the holidays.

“(We’re) providing that extra meal, and providing a little extra, so they can grab a stocking stuffer or two. We just want to make sure everybody gets to celebrate,” Stoker said.

Habitat for Humanity Midland is also on the receiving end of an incredible gift.

“So, we’re excited about today. Pioneer donated a little over 35 acres,” said Executive Director Joey Hopkins.

Those 35 acres of land are in East Midland, valued at $2 million. The donation was fittingly made on Giving Tuesday.

It’s a gift from the state’s largest oil producer, Pioneer Natural Resources… and it’s a big deal.

This is the largest donation Midland’s Habitat for Humanity has ever received. But even more important, this land will be used to build an affordable housing subdivision.

“This donation is going to yield hundreds and hundreds of people into homes that they’ve purchased and owned,” Hopkins said. “That’s going to change those families’ lives for generations.”

Pioneer Natural Resources put out this statement saying in part, “We have a long-standing belief in the importance of supporting the communities where our employees live and work…”

Both the West Texas Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity Midland say they are looking for volunteers, too.

For those interested in donating, volunteering, or learning more information about either nonprofit: click here for West Texas Food Bank or click here for Habitat for Humanity Midland.