ODESSA, Texas(KMID-KPEJ)- According to the United States Census Bureau, there is 1,300 Cubans living in West Texas. This poses the question what is bringing them to West Texas as opposed to Miami, Florida?

According to Silvio Canto, political analyst from Dallas, it is due to work and opportunity. “They (Cubans) are coming here because of work, opportunities, and because the cost of living is cheaper. Thats what I am hearing from many of these people. Apparently live in south Florida is more expensive so they are coming here. Most of them do make a stop in Florida as more natural entry point. But yes, many are coming to area and cost of living and job opportunities,” said Canto. The promise of new opportunities is why many migrate to the United States.

Food has always been a way for many cultures to stay connected to their heritage. I sat with the kitchen assistant, Rosy Ojeda, of La Cubanita about how she stays connected to her homeland and culture. “We want you to give us the opportunity to try our food and get to know our culture. Cubans are known for being hardworking, friendly, and family-oriented. That’s how we were raised in our country. Both in our business and in our homeland, we were taught to be like this. Give Cuban food a chance”

La Cubanita is located at 300 W Clements St, Odessa, TX 79761 and is open from 12-10pm daily.