Free overnight parking to end at Midland Int’l Airport amid new changes

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MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – At Midland International Air and Space Port, it’s ‘come and go’ for a number of flyers.

But before most travelers can take off, they need to take care of parking first.

“Everything is open now. We’ve opened two new lots. We’ve added 775 more spots,” said Justine Ruff, Director of Airports.

It is a major increase in parking availability at the airport. The new additions come on the tail end of a $14 million project.

“The free parking that we’ve provided over the past three to four years is no longer necessary,” Ruff said.

Justine is talking about the overflow parking lot on the corner of Sloan Field Blvd. and Windecker Street. The lot is closest to 1788, and overnight parking is free.

But starting October 15th, the overflow lot is closing down for good.

“If they’ve been there longer than 90 days, they’ve received a letter from us telling them [the lot] is going to be removed,” Ruff said.

Justine says most people that park in the overflow lot only do so for the weekend, and then leave. But for others, if they don’t leave by October 15th, any remaining cars will be towed from the lot.

There are other changes already implemented at the airport that promote ease and effectiveness, Justine says.

A handful of large electronic signs have gone up around the airport which show available parking spots to drivers.

There are also license plate recognition systems stationed in some parking lots. If you lose your entry ticket to park, it’s not a problem. The cameras will scan and read your license plate to see how much is owed. The system is multi-purposed.

“We also use it with law enforcement and if they’re looking for someone, we can tell if the cars are in our parking lot,” Ruff said. “A lot of people who come back from out of town can’t remember where they parked. The technology lets us tell you where you parked.”

Parking lots without an attendant are credit card-only. But travelers can still pay for parking with cash at a booth in the lobby of the airport.

Right now, there are some other changes coming to the airport. They include: renovations to bathrooms, carpet and painting inside the airport; a new terminal gate to reduce congestion; an airfield lighting project.

But one thing hasn’t changed. Justine says, flyers should arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to their flight. That is especially important for early morning flyers, because some airlines have scheduled their early flights close together. Consequently, it has led to some backlog at the TSA security checkpoints ahead of boarding time.

More information on parking at MAF can be found here.

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