Fort Stockton Doctor discusses the dangers of Shigellosis amid an outbreak

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CDC reports Shigellosis outbreak

FORT STOCKTON, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- Shigellosis, it’s a bacterial infection in the gut and even more dangerous for young children.

“It is very contagious because it’s a bacteria that gets transmitted by stool, dirty hands, either through drinking or eating dirty food. So it’s easy to do that because it has several mechanisms on how you can get it. If you are less than 5 years old you have more chances of catching it because your bodies not immune so it’s mostly seen in children” says Dr, Subodh K. Mallik, MD.

According to the CDC, it’s a contagious illness that 27 people now have in Fort Stockton and Pecos County and sent 3 of those people to the hospital.

“It’s actually reportable to The CDC because in America it’s supposed to be not common at all but sometimes this happens. The numbers are 27 it may be more and I’ve seen a few patients in my office today that have the fever and abdominal pain and have diarrhea so I’m thinking that I’m already suspecting Shigella on them,” says the Doctor.

The CDC reports that those three patients were initially sick in October. Doctors, like Subodh K. Mallik, MD, now acting quickly so it doesn’t spread further.

“If you have enough symptoms, fever and abdominal pain, diarrhea, you do have to get treated with antibiotics but if you don’t have major symptoms then the number one thing is to hydrate yourself. People around that person need to be more aware of how to stay clean and nor drink contaminated drinks so it is about educating others while we educate ourselves.”

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