First Woman Justice of the Peace Sworn into Ector County Courthouse

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The most recent election is bringing more females into the Ector County Courthouse.

Missi Walden was sworn in as Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2 on Tuesday night.

As she was sworn into office, Walden got another label that she wasn’t expecting, she is now labeled the first elected female justice of the peace for Ector County.

“I have a 19 year old daughter who just started college and its good for her to see me and what she can do and that she doesn’t just do the traditional things that everyone thought woman did,” said Missi Walden.

Walden was one of seven candidates for the position. During the run off race she faced off against Matthew Stringer and took home 75% of the votes.

“To me this was just the next natural step in my career and it was just a perfect fit. I hope that young girls will see me and think hey I can do that,” said Missi Walden. 

Walden said it has been a tough year for woman but seeing more females making their way into the Ector County Courthouse, she said its just the beginning of a new wave.

 “We are going to have three new female judges, one was Debbie Hayes who was sworn in the day before me. Myself then we also have Brook Hendricks Green who is the county court at law judge elect and she will go into office in January,” said Missi Walden.

 “I have an open door policy, always have so anybody who has ideas or wants to discuss an issue, please call me. I am here to serve you,” said Debi Hayes, Ector County Judge.

As sworn in officials, Walden and Hayes already have the ball rolling for how to shape Ector County during their terms.

Walden’s term is four years long and she is looking to move the courtroom in a more technology advanced direction and paperless.

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