MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – The family of Jasmine Melendez has been through a lot since October. Now, they are fighting another fight. Recently, the family has heard of multiple people posing as a family member going door to door to collect donations for Jasmine’s funeral expenses.

“Let her rest in peace. They are still using her name for their benefit, and that’s not right. If I’m not mistaken it’s three different ones. They only have pictures of two, haven’t gotten a picture of the third one. They are going door to door asking for donations. The family has not sent anyone going door to door. The only go fund me is the one that Kimberly Munoz has set up, and that’s the only one.”

Lillie Melendez, Jasmine’s Aunt

On the Nextdoor app, Lillie has seen at least two pictures of people but has heard of another. She says this has been happening on the east side of town. The family is encouraging anyone who has information, sees, or hears from these people to hold them accountable and contact authorities. MPD says to call their non-emergency hotline.

“They wanted to do this. They wanted this out there if anybody gets a picture or comes close to them. Please report them and try to turn it in so they can stop this.”

Lillie Melendez, Jasmine’s Aunt

Here is the link to the sole legitimate GoFundMe for the Melendez family.