Facebook post of dolls with down syndrome causes controversy

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"I was disgusted, honestly, with Facebook."

BIG SPRING, Texas (BIG2/FOX24) – A Facebook post has been getting quite a bit of attention. Dolls depicting children with down syndrome have been blurred by Facebook, and labeled as content, that may be “Cruel or Insensitive.”

The original post was posted back on November 9th. Since then, Facebook has blurred the image due to unknown reasons. Parents of special needs children took to social media to express their frustration. One mother, Teresa Parr, says she wants answers.

“I was disgusted, honestly, with Facebook. What made my tirade begin was the third time that I saw it,” said Parr.

Other parents, from as far as New York, stating sentiments like,”My hear broke into pieces,” and “All children want to see themselves represented. After almost a month, Facebook finally unblurred the image.

“It definitely feels slimy,” said Parr, “It feels kind of like, of like a backhand.”

Parents are still left wondering whether the flagger was a user, an employee of Facebook, or an automated algorithm. Parr says whoever it was, it was insensitive.

“How dare you? How dare you take these beautiful dolls and make them out to be like, like they’re monsters?”

Above all else. Parr says she hopes this is an opportunity to raise awareness.

“Normalizing it and adding inclusion into the equation is extremely important…. She saved my life.”

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