Exclusive Tour: A look inside the most expensive listing in Ector County

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Under the shade of green, La Paz Circle sits quietly in Northeast Odessa.

The neighborhood is neatly tucked away from public view, just east of Parks Legado Road.

Our Rob Tooke paid a visit to La Paz Circle for a very unique opportunity. Because on the road, at the head of the loop, is a home like no other: 16 La Paz Circle.

It’s for sale at $3,990,000.

“This is the biggest house that we have, and the most unique,” said real estate agent April Kelly.

Standing next to her is Heather Prichard, owner and broker of Ziglar Realty.

They work with buyers and sellers. Both are proud to call West Texas ‘home.’

Now, they are showcasing this one on La Paz Circle, and they are looking for a high-level buyer.

“It’s definitely a custom-built home. I think it’s the biggest square footage home in Ector County,” Prichard said. “As you can tell, there’s nothing average about this house whatsoever.”

The home is 19,877 sq. ft. on 4.082 acres of land.

Inside, the ceiling stretches up high. There is marble flooring throughout the home. There is a bar, too, to welcome in the guests.

This is a home that is casually called, an ‘entertainer’s delight.’

“I don’t know anyone who has not walked through the door of this gorgeous home and not had the wow factor immediately,” Prichard said.

There are six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

We start with the primary bedroom: large, and pefect for anyone, with two sets of walk-in closets.

For the kids, and for the guests, there are styled bedrooms, too.

Each bedroom has its own bathroom. Even the sinks glimmer under the light here.

At the heart of the house are several lounging areas.

The main area is very much like a living room, but large enough to be a lobby, with a fireplace to warm the house, from the front to the back. It’s one room of many where guests can socialize.

Two kitchens are equipped to feed them all.

Next is the cinema, a theater with plush leather seating. The only thing missing is a movie and some popcorn.

For the wine collector, there is the custom wine cellar.

For the business executive, there is the office.

For the car enthusiast, there is a garage to hold a lot of horsepower.

The pool has a walk-in entry, fountains, and a diving board.

The tennis court is ready for a match, and next to it, the gazebo is ready for some good company.

So, what does it take to look at a home like this?

“We don’t open it to the public to come in and view. You have to be an able purchaser to come in,” Kelly said.

Because of the magnitude of the sale, interested buyers have to be qualified and pre-screened. They also have to be able and ready to buy.

“We take care of our clients from the very beginning, from getting pre-approved, to buying a house,” Kelly said. “Then, we take them out to show them homes that fit their needs. We walk them completely through the process of home purchase, from inspections to closing.”  

Heather handles every detail of the transasction as a broker.

“…All the way from the very first phone call and connection until the time we give them the keys,” Prichard said. ”We handle everything for them and take care of them. There’s a lot of details.”

Heather says several agents at Ziglar Realty have the luxury home market certification.

April and Heather say finding the right buyer is a matter of connecting with them and getting them to the closing table.

But for such a unique home, one that was custom built in 2007, it begs the question: Who is in the market to buy a multi-million dollar home in the Midland-Odessa area?

“There’s definitely purchasers in the market. There’s a lot of millionaires in Midland and Odessa. There’s a lot of deep pockets in Midland-Odessa. To build a home like this, a particular home, would take years to build,” Prichard said.

For a top-level purchaser who’s looking for a home of this level, of this size, and in this location, this is an opportunity to jump right in.

April and Heather say there are million-dollar homes in Odessa. But listings worth several million aren’t characteristic of the Permian Basin.

“You see on the news, there are other metro areas in Texas that do have multiple offers on multi-million dollar homes: the DFW area, Austin, and some of those other areas. It’s not uncommon to get multiple offers on multi-million dollar homes. Getting multiple offers is uncommon here on multi-million dollar homes,” Prichard said.

Now, in a time where homes typically sell in less than 90 days in Ector County, both April and Heather are excited because they say the market in the basin has plenty of inventory, and plenty of high-level buyers.

“We had an increase in of listings and an increase in sales,” Prichard said. ”We don’t see that very often in real estate.”

Heather says it’s usually an increase in listings and a decrease in sales, or vice versa.

The focus now is getting the keys into the hands of the right buyer.

“What we do is deliver the American dream. Its for all levels, luxury products and first-time home buyers, and everything in between,” Prichard said.

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