MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – A scary moment for a Midland man after he was pinned down by his own truck.

” I was kind of freaked out, I couldn’t really think,” said Anthony Reyes. “I didn’t know what just happened it was crazy.”

The frightening moments were all caught on camera. Reyes was pinned between his friend’s garage door and his truck, this all happened last Saturday night.

Reyes said he had never had such a scary experience.

“I had just pulled into the drive way and I thought I had put my truck on park I don’t know if it didn’t engage or what happened,” Reyes said. “I got out of the truck it was rolling but I was on the phone so I was a little distracted and I didn’t notice”

Reyes shared the video of his ordeal on Twitter. While it’s scary to watch, fortunately he was able to escape without any injuries. Now that video is going viral.

“I mean it blew up and I think it got over a million views and it went pretty viral,” Reyes said. “Everybody was just freaking out and everybody was just asking how I wasn’t hurt from what happened.”

His brother Alex has also seen the viral video, he’s just glad his brother is okay.

“I’m super happy that nothing happened to him or anything and that it didn’t go worse,” Alex said. “So now we can laugh about it but looking back, it could have been a lot worse.”

While this was a scary situation, Reyes has learned a valuable lesson.

“Just be more careful and be more cautious,” Reyes said. ” Obviously I’ll pay attention to what I’m doing so nothing like that happens again.”