Ector County unofficial voter turnout lower than in 2016

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ODESSA, TX (Big 2/ Fox 24) – This year the unofficial voter turnout was lower than the one in 2016 in Ector County. 

Many local officials want to stress the importance of voting, especially with the November election coming up. 

But why is that?

“People would come in, and that’s not what they were talking about for the most part,” Tish Crow, the Republican chairman of Ector County. “You would have one of five say something about that unless they were coming in to specifically ask those but the average person coming in to talk about Trump. They’re not coming in asking about a congressional race, which is kind of shocking considering how many people we have in the race, but that’s the reality of it.”

With almost 77,000 registered voters in Ector County, Crow says the congressional race didn’t seem to generate the interest of voters.

“That’s why the turnout wasn’t what we wanted it to be,” she says. “There wasn’t the interest of the community the way it should’ve been.”

The Democratic Chair, JoAnna Keese, says she has seen growth in the Democratic voter turnout and says primary elections typically draw fewer voters. 

“Nothing motivates Democratic voters more than Republican voter suppression,” Keese says. “With each voting cycle in Ector County and statewide, we see 20% growth in Democratic voter turnout. Primaries always tend to have a lower voter turnout than a general election.”

Crow says voting is vital, especially for those who want to see a change within their community but also the country.

“Voting does make a huge difference because people want to complain, but they do not want to always get out and solve the problem,” Crow says. “But they need to go out and vote.”

Many local officials urge voters to exercise their voting rights, especially in the November election.

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