Ector County Republican Party Censures Governor Abbott

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ODESSA, Texas – (Big 2/Fox 24) – The Ector County Republican Party is going against their own Governor, because of some of the decisions he has made during the pandemic.

“We’re challenging the basic common sense.” Republican Party precinct chair Javier Joven said. “That there is a separation from health protection and that is not the role of our government.”

Joven is standing firm with his party’s resolution to censure Governor Abbott. They said they are defending the rights of local texans.

“We’re talking about individuals that have grown up here that have lived here, that have moved here that have made their homes here.” Joven said. ” And all they want is due process which I think everyone now realizes that we’re not seeing at any level of organized government.

The resolution states Governor Abbot over stepped his boundaries by enforcing executive orders such as closing certain business without cause, limiting how hospitals should operate, and
mandating how people socially interact.

Joven said they are challenging the Governor by censuring him.

“Censurer-ship is basically …weighing some sort of penalty or accountability of our Governor. Joven said. “To one, stop legislating from the executive branch, to stop the suspension of laws, to allow due process, and to call a special session.”

While Ector County Republicans don’t agree how Governor Abbott is handling the pandemic, Democratic Chair Joanna Keese said her party supports the Governor’s mandates, specifically on wearing a mask.

“This applies to everybody it’s non discriminatory in its application,” Keese said. ” We support it, we support safety, we support responsibly, and those who were watching and paying attention in March know that wearing a mask greatly reduces the risk of catching this thing.”

But Republicans think executive mandates prevent Texans from having a voice on how to control the outbreak.

” I challenge every single person to debate this issue, Joven said. “Because I guarantee it right now, under these executive orders both locally and state level the only thing you are resolved to is make a simple phone call or get three minutes at a local city council.”

In the end, the Republican party is all for lowering the spread but not at the cost of individual rights.

“We can do that by still protecting our core principles and the grass roots of our freedom and sovereignty of our civil liberties, and i don’t want to see those trampled on,” Joven said.

“Because without that ,there is no Republic there’s no State and there’s no Country.”

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