ECISD Board of Trustees sits down and talks 2020 priorities

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ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- With another year coming to a close ECISD is preparing its 2020 budget.

“I think we have the leadership in place, we still have some weaknesses that need to be improved but for the most part I think we are finally headed in the right direction,” says ECISD Board of Trustees member Doyle Woodall.

Woodall, who has been on the Board of Trustees for ten years, says this is the first time that the District is asking the Board of Trustees for input as to what needs improving.

“We have some really great teachers that put their blood sweat and tears into their jobs that are being very successful in the classroom and helping to build character and the kids and things like this and those teachers needed to be rewarded above and beyond. We’re training kids for jobs that don’t even exist and we have got to make strides in our technology department and address the needs of our at-will people. We did give them a raise last year but we think that it needs to be a little more substantial this year.”

According to Woodall, it’s also important to make sure all kids have a fair chance to succeed regardless of what school they attend.

“Who are the students, what kind of help do those students from that particular area need. When we say equity we mean the availability of finances to get all students on a level playing field.”

Another hot topic was property management and adding more staff to keep everyone safe on campus.

“School safety is multi-tiered and this is just a piece of the puzzle we spent a lot of money and time last year on keyed entries and fencing and things like this but it’s a multi-layered process.”

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