ECISD announces new Neuroscience course to be offered in 2020

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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24)- For teachers within ECISD giving children every opportunity to grow is a top priority; and, they’re doing just that with their new neuroscience program launching in 2020.

“By offering very progressive approaches in education where students are answering really sophisticated real-world problems this kinda builds that career pathway and you know what some kids may choose not to go down that pathway but that’s just as important as choosing something,” says ECISD Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Osborne.

The training was made possible through a partnership with Chevron and the Education Foundation and now it’s up to the teachers to put what they learned to work in the classroom.

According to Bernadette Barragan, the 12th Grade Science Facilitator at New Tech Odessa, “whenever we let the students know what we did and what they will be doing in the classroom just to see them light up and get excited about learning it’s the most important thing for us. We want them to be excited about learning and we want them to question things and we want them to just excel in just everything that they can.”

Osborne adding that “in the case of neuroscience we are working with neuroscientists that are interested in answering certain scientific questions so students and teachers can be apart of that process” and incorporating real-life problems in the curriculum is important.

“Our students get to, you know, take these real-world opportunities into the classroom and apply them to real-world outcomes sp hopefully we can have some really amazing research come out of this and just see what they can do with all of this information that they are going to be receiving and all of these resources,” says Barragan.

The course will be offered at New Tech Odessa in 2020 with the hope that more campuses will adopt the course after seeing its success.

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