Earthquakes in the basin

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Midland/Odessa, TEXAS (ABC BIG 2/ FOX 24 NEWS) – Questions and concerns popped up on the app Nextdoor—with people wondering what happened with the tremors this week.
Some locals say Monday’s quake was surprising.

“My whole chair shook and the ceiling so, you know, i just didn’t know what it was,”says West Texas resident Yvonne Wright.

” I was at home in th e shower and everybody else had been going to bed and they said what was that and my neighbor told me they thought that somebody hit their house,” says West Texas resident Shauna Wills.

West Texas isn’t known for having earthquakes—but it seems like they’re happening more often.

“We are right in the middle of this plate– North American plate. so we are seeing these activities which are strange, but since we are seeing similar kind of things in oklahoma, so that’s why when people see, hear that the earthquake activities have increase in the last, say, three years,” says UTPB Geophysics Assistant Professor Dr. Sumit Verma

It’s a trend that insurance agents are noticing, too.

” As more and more happen we start getting more and more calls,” says State Farm Insurance Agent Chris Wray.

Doctor Verma says the 3.7 magnitude Midlanders felt earlier this week is not a huge earthquake, but he understands the impact it could have in the community.

“I understand why people are worried about the earthquakes and they should be because when they see the earthquakes they might notice some cracks in their house. something like that. so those kinds of things have to be minimized,” says Dr. Verma.

To avoid any home damage–you may want to check what your insurance policy includes.

” Ask your carrier if they cover it. most earthquake coverage is excluded from the majority of homeowner policies,” says Wray.

Some say they’re feeling earthquakes that they didn’t before.

” Last year when i lived out in the country but it wasn’t as–it was big this time, it was bigger, that’s what it felt like,” says Wright.

And if you own a home in the community—it could be time to add on to your policy for earthquakes.

“My suggestion would be don’t wait until a big one hits. You might want to get coverage now if you’re worried about it,” says Wray.

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