ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – President Joe Biden plans to release one-hundred, eighty-million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve.

People in Odessa who live and work here have some conflicting thoughts on President Biden’s announcement and the price of gas.

Steven Machado is an El Paso native driving through Odessa to get to Dallas and he says President Biden’s announcment is good for him because gas prices have been a hassle.

“It’s a rough pain almost $4.15 down the street and $4.09 over here and back there in El Paso it came to $3.80 now so it’s rising its going down its flucuating other than that I’m tired of paying this much,” Machado says.

According to pew research gas prices have gone up 58 percent in the last year. Duane Gurdof works in the oil field and says he’s happy about the current prices of gas.

“A lot of us that work in the oil field think this is good news for us because it brings economic prosperity to the region and that a win win for everybody,” Gurdof says.

He says bidens annoucmenment meant nothing to him.

“Thats a government decision we’ll let the government do the government stuff but we’ll continue to do what we do in the Permian Basin,” Gurdof says.

However East Texan Caleb Mackey who is working West Texas disagrees.

“I mean the gas prices right now have sky rockted in the last few months that does take toll on a lot of people out here its already expensive as it is ,” Mackey says.

He says he’s annoyed with the inconsistent prices. And Biden said Thursday that he doesn’t know how much gas prices will drop bit said it could be from 10 to 35 cents a gallons. He also warns that there could be a slight delay before drivers see relief at the pump.