MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – An “urgent” press conference was called by Congressional District 11 candidates, on Tuesday, to address the actions of one of their opponents, August Pfluger.

At the start of the conference, six of the eight candidates, that are a part of this joint-force, signed a pledge stating this:

“We, the undersigned candidates for the 11th Congressional District, who truly desire to drain the swamp and restore our nation to the people, for the people and by the people for the pursuit of life liberty, and happiness hereby take the following pledge: We pledge not to knowingly take money nor receive support from individuals or groups that do not hold to the conservative, Constitutional and Judeo-Christian values of our District – specifically groups supported by radical liberal activists such as Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg or George Soros.”

Wesley Virdell, Jamie Berryhill, Robert Tucker, Casey Gray, Gene Barber, J. D. Faircloth, Brandon Batch and Ned Luscombe are asking Pfluger to renounce a campaign donation. They say over 200 thousand dollars were given to Pfluger by a PAC with liberal agenda.

“When you have no voting record and you cannot prove that you’re a Republican or a Democrat, what does that say? Then all of a sudden in the election, you’re accepting Democrat money and you will not renounce it? A lot of these things are pointing towards the left,” said Gray.

“With Honor” is a cross-partisan PAC claiming to support and promote veterans seeking governmental leadership.

“We know that they have a history of not supporting Republican veterans whenever there is a Democratic incumbent,” explained Virdell. “They’ve also given money to Nancy Pelosi, and the largest donors to the PAC are Democrats that are diabolically opposed to Republican values.”

Gray says it begs the question, “Why pour money into a campaign with all Republican candidates?”

“This is the second most conservative district in the United States.” said Berryhill. “Those substantial individuals funding this race have that desire to shift the ideology.”

Some of them went so far as to say they will not, and should not, accept any outside money.

“We should have to get out there and earn each and every vote, talk to each and every person, because it is the people we will be representing. Not a PAC, not a lobbyist, or anything like that,” said Tucker.

Gray says he was told “No” by Pfluger’s campaign when he asked them to renounce the donation. For Virdell and Barber, the pledge of “With Honor” PAC raises questions. They believe a representative should never cave on the values of his region.

“Let me just say, if I was going hunting for RINOs, he’d be on the list.” stated Barber.

August Pfluger released this statement following the press conference:

“I think we can all agree that nobody cares more about draining the swamp and defeating democrats than President Trump, which is why I’m honored to have his complete and total endorsement. To suggest that Donald Trump is either too weak or too stupid to make his own endorsements is insulting and offensive. The fact is, I’m proud of the conservative, and completely positive, grassroots campaign we’ve run focused on the issues that the voters of this district care about.”

This whole thing is nothing more than a last-minute attempt to distract and confuse the voters about the fact that President Trump has endorsed my campaign.” – Lt. Col. August Pfluger (R-San Angelo)

While Ned Luscombe and J.D. Faircloth were not in attendance Tuesday, the two stand with the rest of the candidates. They will isgn the pledge at a later date.