MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – November is right around the corner and people will head to the polls to pick their next representative for District 11.

The Midland Hispanic Chamber held a meet and greet for congressional candidate, Jon Mark Hogg.

“Talk about things that effect small businesses, particually COVID, our healthcare issues, and also our need for jobs and promotion of small business and things that we can grow since small businesses are where most of our employees in the country come from,” said Hogg.

Hogg says growing up in El Paso has helped him understand Hispanic culture and is ready to represent the Hispanic community and everybody in District 11.

“The Hispanic culture is Texas and is a huge part of it. So, I’m ready to represent, to speak for the Hispanic communities,” said Hogg.

In attendance, DACA recipient Esmeralda Carbajal states, the district needs a representative to listen to their stories.

“We need a voice. We need somebody that’s going to fight for us. That sees that story. That is interested in hearing our side,” said Carbajal.

Hogg also spoke on getting business reopened and supplying employees with proper PPE equipment.

He say it’s important getting a control n the pandemic before the economy can comeback.

“That’s the immediate short term issues that we need to face is getting control of that pandemic cause until we do the economy is not going to come back,” said Hogg.